Technology Introduction

Technology Introduction

Swirling Induction Type HVAC System SWIT®
SWIT® is an air conditioning system from Takasago Thermal Engineering that features advanced replacement ventilation technology. SWIT induces ambient air by swirling the air flow, enabling it to operate with low air volume and a blowing temperature close to the work area/residential area, thus making it possible to maintain comfortable environment while saving energy and cost.
Operating costs can be reduced by 42% compared to mixed air conditioning systems and equipment costs can be reduced by 29%


  • Comfortable air conditioning for residential areas and excellent ventilation efficiency
  • Compact air outlet
  • Energy-Saving
PAFMAC is a small water source heat pump system, which can be distributed in a 2-pipe system for cold and warm water. Even if without the 4-pipe system, it can meet the different cooling and heating needs of different rooms. It can reduce the area of piping shaft. When need heating in spring and autumn, the heat of the room with large calorific value that needs to be cooled can be introduced into the system, to provide heat to other rooms with small calorific value. So that energy-saving can be achieved.
It is widely used in the renovation of existing buildings, and the system of switching between cooling and heating can be changed to a simultaneous cooling and heating system. It can also solve the problem of insufficient air conditioning capacity.
With the development of society, people's requirements for the working environment are also constantly improving. Especially for office buildings, hotels, and hospitals, there are different temperature requirements. PAFMAC can solve these problems  without large-scale renovation. For large heat generation buildings such as workshops, waste heat can be effectively applied to office and living areas through PAFMAC.


GODA® Cloud is a data collection and analysis tool that captures operation data in the central monitoring equipment of a building, analyzes operation from multiple angles in a short time, and realizes optimum energy-saving operation.



Provide services without depending on central monitoring board manufacturer


Automatically send data to the cloud every day using transmission kit


Available in any internet-connection environment Can be used not only in Japan but also in overseas buildings


Excellent operability, complete with versatile graph formats Various functions including air line diagrams are built-in Calculations between data can be freely carried out

High security

Adopts SSL-VPN
Our company achieves energy saving and cost saving through high-quality building renovation and reasonable machine composition. Moreover, through appropriate operation control, it can also achieve energy saving. Reduce manufacturing costs while meeting the high environmental demands of the production process. 

An industrial clean room is a clean room used in the manufacturing process of industrial products, and it is an area that mainly manages tiny particles floating in the air. Clean rooms are mainly used in the following industries: semiconductor, liquid crystal display, precision electronic components, precision mechanical products, optical fibers, optical products, precision measuring machines, printing and other fields.

Biological clean room is mainly used in the biological field, and it is a space area for managing microorganisms floating in the air. Biological clean rooms are mainly used in the following industries: pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical preparation packaging, medical equipment, hospital facilities, food, cosmetics, agriculture and other fields.

Dry Room Technology

Enables energy-saving and cost-saving in dry rooms® with appropriate equipment configuration and optimal operation control
In the rapidly-growing lithium ion battery and organic EL manufacturing process, since moisture in the air is an impediment, manufacturing is carried out in dry rooms® controlled to a low dew point atmosphere from which moisture in the air is removed.

专利号:ZL 2018 1 0002139.8

BARRIFLOW was developed and launched by our parent company, Takasago Thermal Engineering Co., Ltd., based on the technical achievements of aerosol prevention control and airflow control that have been researched for many years, in conjunction with Japanese national medical institutions. Adopting Japan's first patented "airflow screen" technology, the airflow forms an "airflow screen" in front of the user, which can effectively blocking the spread of germs with aerosol as a carrier. At the same time, the HEPA high-efficiency filtration system is adopted, combined with real-time wind speed monitoring, to efficiently filter germs and provide a clean air source. During the outbreak of the large-scale H1N1 virus in Japan in 2009 and the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in 2020, it made great contributions to the disease spreading control in Japan.
It can quickly and effectively reduce the carriers of bacteria and viruses in the air, effectively kill viruses and bacteria, and always keep the isolation room air clean. The curtain and air outlet are specially designed to form an isolated space and form an airflow screen in front of the user to isolate the spread of droplets inside and outside the equipment. There are two modes of use: positive pressure mode and negative pressure mode. The positive pressure type is designed for doctors and the negative pressure type is designed for patients. The positive and negative pressure modes can be quickly switched. For key isolation patients or those with sudden abnormal body temperature, the negative pressure mode can be used for rapid and effective isolation. The filter equipment is equipped with rollers, and the curtains and brackets can be folded, which is convenient for moving and placing between clinics in the hospital and in public places (such as airport customs, temporary sampling points).
From September 17 to 19, 2020, BARRIFLOW stood out from more than 2,400 cutting-edge high-end projects around the world at the Zhongguancun Forum Technology Trading Conference, an annual innovation and technology event held in Beijing, and was listed among the top 100 leading technologies in industrial innovation.

BARRIFLOW has been successfully implemented in China and can be developed in depth with domestic enterprises. With cutting-edge Japanese technology and high-quality of Chinese manufacturing, in the post-epidemic era, it can build a solid and powerful guarantee for domestic hospital infection prevention and control, and protect the front-line medical staff and social workers in public places!

The electron microscope laboratory is indispensable in various scientific experimental researches. Because it carries various important scientific research experiments, the construction standards of the electron microscope laboratory are very strict. According to the requirements of experiments in different fields such as physics and biology, the construction requirements of electron microscopy laboratories are also different.
TTE's proprietary SWIT system can replace the original radiant panel system in the electron microscope laboratory. Although the SWIT system has disadvantages such as high cost and long delivery period, it has the advantages of stable operation and no disturbance of indoor airflow during use. And these advantages cannot be satisfied by the existing traditional forms of air conditioners.
On the basis of energy saving, SWIT can achieve low air supply speed, stable indoor air flow, and uniform indoor temperature, so as to achieve the incomparable effect of traditional air conditioners, meet the requirements of laboratory design temperature, and meet the operating height of electron microscope. It can also meet the cooling requirements of indoor heat load and indoor noise requirements.
TTE currently has projects in laboratories of many universities and research institutes across the country.
Appearance of Takasago Thermal Innovation R&D Center
Takasago established the Takasago Thermal Engineering Innovation Center in Tsukuba Mirai City in Ibaraki Prefecture based on the concept of “A place of growth where diverse people gather and develop their dreams, a place of creation that connects knowledge and wisdom inside and outside the company, a place of dissemination to expand Takasago's technology to the world”.
The center consists of an office building with a multi-purpose area, which contains an exhibition area and hall, and a work area, and a laboratory building, with demonstration rooms, laboratories, and research rooms. There is also an exhibition space and presentation room, which connect the two buildings. Based on the concept of workstyle reform we are working towards, the work area of the office building incorporates the functions of discussing, working, being solitary, being together, and relaxing into the layout, adopting an office design to create an environment that stimulates innovation and increases productivity.

High freshness freezing technology

Super Ice System for HIGH FRESHNESS(SIS-HF®

Fresh off the boat
The wish of fisheries is to deliver fishery products to the dining table “Fresh of the boat,” and the Seawater Sorbet Ice Cream making machine (SIS-HF/Super Ice System for HIGH FRESHNESS) developed by Takasago Thermal Engineering takes on the challenge of realizing this.
Takasago Thermal Engineering is taking on the challenge of fresh distribution of fishery products with its fine seawater sorbet-shaped ice that uses the supercooling phenomenon of water (a phenomenon that keeps the state of water liquid even when it cools down to the freezing temperature or less) that it developed in its ice storage air conditioning systems.

This ice making technology have been applied to fishery industry for starting business development. It is called ”Super Ice System for High Freshness : SIS-HF”. In developing the business, my department members and I quantitatively evaluated the effects of sherbet-like ice for rapid cooling, low temperature maintenance, and high freshness maintenance of the fish at actual fishery sites. 

In addition to the introduction of ice machines. As a result, even in areas where it takes long time for fresh fish to reach consumers, (ex. transportation from remote areas to metropolitan areas and overseas exports), the low temperature and high freshness of fresh fish where maintained. 

We expect that it will lead to an increase in the value of marine products and also, an increase in the income of fishermen.

Technology Glance

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